Unsuspecting Prey


Twenty-five years after her not-too-pleasant departure, Madison Monroe returns to her once-palatial home in Creston, NC innocently assuming she will reunite with family, all will be well, and she will return to her Kansas City home after her father’s funeral. But the canvas of Madison’s return is nothing like she has anticipated. Both foreground and background are flush with nefarious characters bent on doing her harm once they learn she has inherited the bulk of her father’s estate. She is paralyzed with fear when she learns that a provision in the will requires that she remain on the premises of Pine Hurst for the remainder of her life, which appears tenuous at best. Madison begins to question her sanity as she is repeatedly met with terrifying, life-threatening events. Time and time again, she attempts to discern who wants her dead only to realize that the list is all but endless, as are the reasons. Assured her saving grace will be the life-long devoted servants of her family, she is horrified to learn they are leaving her alone in a hideously-decaying mansion, in the middle of nowhere, to fend for herself. Her childhood home has once again become a house of horrors.

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