Sold my hat

“Mom!! I sold my black top hat!!” Clark Anderson Fouraker screamed to the top of his lungs. ” Now, I’ll have some more money to send to Brad. I only got one call, but the guy who called bought it the minute I described it to him. He said he’d always wanted a black top hat and that he has small ears!!! I’m so happy Mom! I can help Brad again! He’s getting better, but he’ s still not totally well. I’m so happy I can help him!!
“So who bought the hat? Did you get his name so we can send him a thank note.”
“No, I didn’t get his name. And he sent a courier to pick it up and paid me with cash.”
“Well, whoever he was he, his heart is certainly in the right place to be willing to help those who are less fortunate.”
“That’s what I thought, Mom.”
” Well, I’m going to call it a night now, Sweetie. It’s been a long day. Don’t stay up too late. We have a big day tomorrow.”
“Okay, Mom . Nite-nite.”
I plodded down the long hallway lit only by a soft night light. “Quiggy, is that you? ” I called out into semi-darkness.
“Yes, Mom?”july6

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