Moral Support

“Mom, I hope you don’t mind if I brought a few friends with me for moral support. Some others will be coming along later.”
“Why do you feel you need moral support?”
“Chloe and Quiggy still won’t talk to me because of what happened the other day. I said I was sorry, Mom, but they still hate6 me.”
“I keep telling you no one hates you.I’ll talk to them and we’ll all get this straightened out. No one has said that they hate you and you shouldn’t be saying that. It’s not a nice thing to say about your brother and sister.”
“Well, Chloe said she almost hates me because Quiggy was going to pay the money back and he only took the money to help me raise funds for my sick friends. So she said Quiggy was only trying to help me and I was really being mean when I accused him. But, Mom, I was only doing my job as a private investigator!!!”
Quiggy and Chloe came sauntering in the room.
“Okay, this has gone on quite long enough. On the count of three everyone is going to say they are sorry for whatever part they played in this and then we’re all going to do a group hug.”
“I’m not hugging Clark Anderson Fouraker, Mom! He hurt Quiggy’s feelings!”
“You’re all going to say you’re sorry. That way amends will be made. And then we’ll do a group hug, including everyone.”
“But I don ‘t want to hug Clark!”
“How would it make you feel if Clark didn’t want to hug you?”
“It would hurt my feelings.” Chloe answered.
“Is that why we all came together….to hurt each others feelings or to ask for forgiveness and make amends.”
“I’ll hug you, Clark.I don’t want to hurt your feeling because I know how it feels to have your feelings hurt and I wouldn’t want to make anyone else feel that way.”
“I’ll give you a hug, too, Clark.” Quiggy whispered.
“Can we all say we love each other a really, really lot and we’ll never let something like this happen again?” Chloe asked.
“I think that’s an excellent idea!”
“I’ll hug Clark first.” Chloe said.
“No. Me first!” Quiggy squealed. ” You always think you have to be first Chloe just because you’re a girl!”
“That’s not true! Mom, make Quiggy take back what he just said!” TBCjuly27

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