Mirror, Mirror


Maria Wilkins’ joy in her promotion to Executive Director is short-lived when her first executive action is to implement a major reduction in staff as ordered by the Board of Directors. Unfortunately, cuts eventually include Maria’s job and the Astronomy Society of Arizona is forever closed.

Maria and her young daughter, Amber, set out for McCullenville, North Carolina. On the surface, McCullenville seems to offer all the amenities of a stereotypical Southern town along with a wonderful new, exclusive, gated community on the Northeast Cape Fear River where Maria and Amber take up residence.

But what the sleepy, quiet, riverfront town also town offers is a collection of interconnected characters filled with bitterness, revenge, an abundance of depravity and scandalous secrets that have been deeply buried for decades, that must, somehow be unearthed and resolved.

Maria and Amber have unknowing moved dead center into a snake pit with potentially lethal results.

The colorful, local sheriff with his rigorous philosophy regarding criminal justice and his unusual force of deputies gifted in law enforcement find they are no match for the an elderly minister at the First Baptist Church of McCullenville with his proclamations about the enemy meeting each of us face to face each and every day in the all revealing mirror.

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