Head hung low

Clark Anderson Fouraker’s head was hung low. “Mom, I want to turn in my license for my investigative service.” He said, sadly.
“Where do you have to go to turn it in?”
“Here.” He handed me a framed license.
“Why are you giving this to me? I didn’t issue you a license. I’m not qualified to do such things.”
“I did it for you, Mom. I didn’t think you would mind.”
“I do mind! You know better than to do something like this!” Looking hard at the license, I realized he had forged my name.
Tears rose in his eyes.
“I’m going to be better starting today, Mom. You always say, ‘tomorrow is a new beginning’. So I’m going to be a new me. Starting this morning.”
I hugged him close to me. “I forgive you.” I said. “New beginnings are good and I’m very proud of you for admitting your mistake and moving forward in the right direction.”
“Mom, could I ask you a favor?”
“Name it.”
“Could you please ask Quiggy and Chloe to start being really good today.”
“They are good.”
“Not anymore, Mom. They hate me now for something I did when I had my office open and was a private investigator. In fact, Mom, now you and Dad are the only ones who will speak to me because I hurt Quiggy’s feelings when he was only trying to help me. I didn’t mean to. I was only trying to be a good investigator and now I don’t have one friend left in the whole wide world, but you. Well, maybe Dad because he doesn’t know about anything yet. And my teddy bear. He said he forgives me and that he’ll always love me. I’ve been hanging out with him a lot lately because no one else will have anything to do with me.”
“We’ll get this all straightened out. I’m sure no one hates you. Their feelings are just hurt. All will be well. Dad and I will talk to them.”
“Do you mind if me and Teddy come along so we can say how sorry we are.”
“I think that’s a great idea.” TBC

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