Ears in the right place

“Oh, my!” I heard discouraging words coming from the den. “Mom, I I’ve done everything I know to do and my hat just isn’t working. When I get my ears in the right place my hat’s in the wrong place and when I get my hat in the right place I don’t have a place for my ears. And it’s not like I can leave my ears home Thursday night so I can wear my hat.”
“Well, you’ll look perfectly darling Thursday night without your hat…everyone is coming to see you…with or without a hat. All we be well, my little one, not to worry. You won’t be the only one not wearing a hat. Dad and Masa aren’t wearing hats.”
“They aren’t?”
“No, they aren’t.”
His sweet little face relaxed.
“Oh, okay….I just didn’t want to look like a dork.”
“There is no way a good looking guy like you could ever look like a dork!”jun25

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