We do?

“Ah-ha!!!” Clark Anderson Fouraker hit the hallway floor with all four paws. “We now know who the culprit is!”
“We do?” Chloe asked, innocently.
“Yes, we do!”
“Quiggy, you have incriminated your own self.”
“I have?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact, you have! How did you know the box that’s missing was filled with nickels? You couldn’t have known that if you weren’t the one who took it.”
“Well, I know Dad gives Chloe a nickel every week for her allowance and I just thought she might be saving them in her shoe box bank.”
“Ah-ha!!! Chloe never said “shoe box bank” she just said “shoe box”!
You need to come clean, Quiggy!”
Quiggy dropped his head in shame.
“I’m sorry.” Quiggy began to cry.
“Why did you steal my money, Quiggy?” Chloe asked.
“I didn’t steal it…exactly…I was going to borrow it until Heinz got his allowance and then Heinz was going to lend his allowance to me so I could put the money back, but Cogburn needed Heinz’ allowance for an emergency. Then, Heinz didn’t have any money to lend to me. And Pickles and the kitty cats are broke. I’m sorry Chloe.”
“And well you should be.”Clark Anderson Fouraker screamed to the top of his lungs.
“I did it for you,Clark.” Quiggy said, mournfully.
Quiggy was crying so hard, he could hardly talk.
“I knew you wanted to sell your black hat and nobody called you to buy it,” he choked back tears, “and I knew that meant you wouldn’t have the money you needed for your sick friends in Commerce, GA so I borrowed the money from Chloe to buy your hat.” TBC

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