“No!” I screamed, my eyes ablaze. “What is this?”
“Mom, now don’t get upset. I can explain.”
“Clark Anderson Fouraker, you were asked to polish and refine My Name Is Legion while I was away! Is this what you call refining?”
I lifted 100 addition pages he had added to the manuscript. “What is this?” I screamed again.
“Mom, it’s easy to explain.”
“Then, explain.” I said, shaking a sheaf of papers in his face.
“Well, see, Mom…” he paused.
“Don’t stop now. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.”
My eyes bore into a paragraph on the top page I was holding. “Heinz and Cogburn stood on the veranda waving good-bye to Pickles and the kitty cats as they backed down the drive in their mini van.”
“Well, Mom, see…me and Quiggy and Chloe, Heinz, Cogburn, Pickles and the kitty cats thought we would…”
“Stop right there! Don’t tell me that while I was away on a retreat you took the liberty of writing yourself and everyone under this roof into MY manuscript!!!” I pointed to the ceiling, outraged.
“I just gave us small parts, Mom. And it wasn’t everyone. I didn’t write in parts for Dad and Masa and the maid.”
“Well, aren’t I the lucky one? If I had been gone another day everyone in the neighborhood would have played a a major role in my book!”
“No, not really, Mom. I didn’t want to make you mad, so I stopped after I wrote a part for all of us guys.” He dropped his head in shame. “I only gave us small parts.”
“A hundred pages of small parts! You have until dinner time this evening to get my manuscript back exactly as it was when I left it with you and you are never to write yourself or anyone else into my books. Is that understood?”
“I’m sorry, Mom. I guess I got carried away.” He said, meekly.
“Give me a hug.”
As I reached for him my eyes locked onto the title page of my upcoming mystery lying on top of the desk.. My Name Is Legion, it read, by Clark Anderson Fouraker with Margie Myers.TBC

Ears in the right place

“Oh, my!” I heard discouraging words coming from the den. “Mom, I I’ve done everything I know to do and my hat just isn’t working. When I get my ears in the right place my hat’s in the wrong place and when I get my hat in the right place I don’t have a place for my ears. And it’s not like I can leave my ears home Thursday night so I can wear my hat.”
“Well, you’ll look perfectly darling Thursday night without your hat…everyone is coming to see you…with or without a hat. All we be well, my little one, not to worry. You won’t be the only one not wearing a hat. Dad and Masa aren’t wearing hats.”
“They aren’t?”
“No, they aren’t.”
His sweet little face relaxed.
“Oh, okay….I just didn’t want to look like a dork.”
“There is no way a good looking guy like you could ever look like a dork!”jun25

Professional pictures?

Mom, what do you think of my professional pictures? Don’t I look great? Don’t worry about the pipe. That was just a prop the crew wanted to use. I’m not going to smoke it anymore. I hope Dad’s library
was okay for us to use. I let the crew pick where they thought it would be best and since I’ve been doing all sorts of research they thought the library would be good. Oh, and before I forget Mom, they’ll be sending Dad the bill for my pics. They said it would cost a fortune, but they were sure you and Dad would think it was worth it.may14

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Missing once again

I awoke once again in the wee hours of the morning to find Clark Anderson Fouraker missing from this bed. I knew precisely where to go. Tip-toeing down the hallway, I stopped just short of his office where he does his research. A soft light shown from under his doorway. I stood statue still, listening quietly. He was giggling. I knew he’d been harboring a secret and I wondered if his mid-night vigils spent with his computer had anything, even remotely, to do with his closely guarded secret. And why was he giggling? What had Clark Anderson Fouraker discovered during his nightly visits to his office? Whatever it was, it was big. TBC

Poster, Parka and skis


Clark Anderson Fouraker had just finished posting his mom’s poster on the back of his dad’s motor home, when I spotted him racing up and down the steps of the Winnebago loaded down with his parka and skis. bluehost promo code 2017

“What, pray tell, are you doing?”
“I’m getting ready to go on our trip to the mountains!!” He exclaimed, more excited than I’ d ever seen him.
“Well, you certainly won’t need a parka and skis for this trip. We’re going to the TX mountains. Up near Alpine and Ft. Davis. What you’ ll need there is OP Sportswear and flip flops.”
” I won’t get to ski?”
“Only if you can ski on scrub brush wearing flip flops.”
“Okay.” He replied, defeatedly.”I’ll tell Cogburn and Heinz I won’t be sending them any pictures of me on the slopes and me and Quiggy and Chloe building a snowman.”
“I think that’s wise. But be sure to break it to them gently.”

Long sad face

“Why the long sad face?”
“I really feel awful.”
“What happened?”
“I was practicing being a king and stuff and I was walking up and down the hallway pretending I was entering my court and Chloe got caught up in my train of robes and fell down and now she won’t speak to me. And she screamed at me that I’m not a king just because I took some things from your jewelry box and your closet to practice being regal. Now she hates me. ”
“Chloe doesn’t hate you. She’s just a little upset with you at the moment. She’ll get over it.”
“Well she’s going to be real sorry that she screamed at me when I set up my kingdom and I don’t let her be a princess and stuff.”
“Let’s not worry about that for now. Let’s make certain you’re royalty before we start setting up kingdoms and bestowing titles, okay?”
“You’re right, Mom. But even if I’m not a king yet, I still have a really big secret, but there’s something I have to do before I can share it.” TBCjun6

Fantastic things

I am hearing fantastic things about our HUGE event taking place at Beyond Arts Gallery in Harlingen on the evening of June 26th. I can’t believe my ears!! This may be the biggest event ever to hit downtown Harlingen. Be sure to free up this date on your calendars!! You don’t want to miss this one!! Clark Anderson Fouraker has already ordered his tuxedo for this momentous occasion and will make an appearance…bone sprinkled bow tie and all. Come join us. Bring every mystery book lover you know. We are offering a 20% discount on both UNSUSPECTING PREY AND MIRROR, MIRROR…both psychological drama/ southern mystery at its best from your one and only RGV Queen of 4g voice

Keep an eye peeled and an ear open for the words: SAX IN THE CITY. ART, BOOKS, SAX….WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE? Join us for all this and then some!!!

Quiggy told me

“Mom, Quiggy told me I need to take a day off from my stuff and just hang out at the pool. I’m really getting stressed out. When I woke up this morning my eyes were all blurry.”

I turned to look at him. “I hope you didn’t sleep in those goggles you’re wearing. That may account for your blurry vision.”

“As a matter of fact Mom, I did. Quiggy told me it’s best to sleep in them. He didn’t tell me why but then he told me to skip right by the breakfast room so I don’t weight myself down with food before heading to the pool.”

He never skipped a beat.

“Quiggy said if I weight myself down I’ll sink to the bottom of the pool and never surface again. Quiggy is so wise, Mom, so I slept in my goggles and I’m not going to eat my breakfast.”

He could hardly catch his breath he was talking so fast. “But, Mom, I wanted to visit with you a minute before I head to the pool. I’ve got something very important to tell you.”

He finally paused to take a breath. I could tell he was really thinking hard before he spoke.

“I really think I’m on to something, Mom” He glared at me through his pink goggles. “Something really big!” TBCjun2microsoft outlook login

Not rush the author

Let us not rush the author! Small error in the preceding post. My third mystery is slated to to released this summer, but most likely a bit later than June. My staff just gets so excited about all that is going on, it’s difficult not to push the process. But the third mystery is coming and soon, so keep an eye peeled!!! A million thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Hayes for carrying my books locally in their wonderful bookstore in downtown Harlingen! Stop by for a visit!! You’ll meet two of the finest individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.