I made my debut on a beautiful spring day in Columbus County, NC. I have since traveled far and wide. I attended elementary schools in both New Hanover and Pender counties graduating from Burgaw High School. I began my writing career at a very young age having a short story published at age 14. For as long as I can recall, writing has been my first love. Psychology my second. I attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City where I received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology. After beginning work on my doctorate, I decided to throw in the towel, and pursue my first love, writing. Since then, I have written five books, but never seriously considered publication until now. Life took many twists and turns before I reached this point and I am more than blessed to have finally arrived.

My husband Michael and I with our son, Masa, and our four-legged babies – an Australian Silky Terrier named Chloe Belle and a Chihuahua named Quigley – reside in San Benito, Tx.

First home of future mystery writer

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The writers staff

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The debonair young man above is none other than Clark Anderson Fouraker named after three terrific ladies who helped save his life by caring for him until transportation could be arranged from Commerce, Georgia to his new forever home in San Benito, Texas. He is by far, my best and brightest staff member. His credentials are exemplary. He holds the position of office manger, overseeing my entire mystery writing operation with skill never before heard of. Note how his sharp eye gives strict attention to every detail as he pours over tomes of regulations pertaining to literary formalities. He’s one of a kind; exceptional in every way. This young man is Quigley who hails from San Benito, Texas, but please refer to him as Mr. Q. (He demands it.) Mr. Q is responsible for editing each mystery after its completion. Distinguishing himself by graduating at the top of his class from one of the most highly rated schools in America, Barkley Institute of Higher Learning, Mr. Q excels at leaving no (t) uncrossed and no (i) un-dotted. Holding Ph.D.’s in both punctuation and grammar, Mr. Q, as well as Clark Anderson Fouraker, possesses an eye for detail which is nothing short of astonishing. He is a tremendous addition to our staff. Above is Chloe Belle (her mother is a “southern belle”, hence the name). Chloe comes to us from Loveland, Colorado and her area of expertise is Kuerig management. She excels at every level of tea and coffee preparation, making it look as easy as falling off of a log. On mere visual inspection, Chloe Belle can discern a deficiency in my Café Latte level, serving it up promptly with a dollop of whipped cream and yummy dark chocolate shaving. She is sheer genius when it comes to preparing an excellent brew. Pedrito whose nick name is “Pepperoni” found his forever home here with my staff after departing the beautiful seaside city of Port Isabel, Texas. Pedrito’s specialty is marketing. He leaves no stone unturned as he lets the whole world know his mommie, oops, his employer, holds the title of “Rio Grande Valley’s Queen of Mystery” today and for days to come.