A note from the author’s desk

My heart is full and I am so very happy to have much to report after a sabbatical that
wound up being much longer than intended!  Around the beginning of summer I found
myself renewed,revived and finding myself overrun with plots, characters, settings and
mysteries that needed to be introduced, intertwined and solved.
 With  new staff on board who are as interested and excited as I am about my work, we
have accomplished much in the last few months.  The first and foremost thing we have
done is complete and submit my work You Whispered My Name? to top publishing
companies from New York to California.  I had already begun my new project Don’t
Look  Back while wrapping up the loose ends of You Whispered My Name? and now am
nearing the completion of that work.  In between all that (as if that wasn’t enough!) I
had an idea about a book for children and wrote Marissa’s Christmas over a
weekend!  I am extraordinarily pleased to report that Unsuspecting Prey and Mirror,
Mirror are available on  Amazon, with Mirror Mirror also available on Nook.
With wheels that never stop spinning, I decided to indulge my ever thirsty  craving for
mystery by visiting The Hotel Galvez on Halloween night.  My assistant and I stayed in
the most haunted room in the hotel!  The details of that visit have been published in
several newspapers and can be perused on my Facebook page.  What I had intended to
be five articles grew to seven as I found it entirely impossible to share what transpired
in a mere five publishings!  Of course, all work and no play is never advisable, so we
managed to integrate some antique shopping into our little get-away. Ten days later
we were fresh as daisies at Dining By Design, though we had been working for weeks
on perfecting a tablescape based on my book Unsuspecting Prey.  Our guests at
Mystery Manor undertook the assignment of solving the murder of Jacob Monroe,
who arrived at our dinner, but very mysteriously disappeared, how he was murdered
and where his body was in the mansion.  Though our table was beautiful, the food
delicious, and the night one of fun with friends, the core reason for the event was
fundraising for cancer research.  We are well pleased to say that we were large
contributors for this very worthy cause.
Though I do not know many of you personally who are reading my work, please know
that you are considered my friend for I am sharing a part of me that I hold very near.
My gift to pique your interest, capture your imagination and carry you along, with
me, on a mysteriously suspenseful journey.


My best to you always.




Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by for a visit! For those mystery lovers of all ilks, I offer you a mystery at its very best – southern mystery. Born and reared in the south, I have a unique perspective of our history, our culture, our traditions, and our love for good ol’ down-home mystery as only one who has lived it can write it. Please enjoy reading my work as much as I have enjoyed creating and presenting it to you.


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