A note from the author’s desk

Hope the old cliche, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true for you who inspired me to continue penning mysteries after reading Unsuspecting Prey and Mirror, Mirror. And, indeed, I took your advice. Several new mysteries have been written, but I have, unfortunately, found it necessary to chart a totally new course (with my exceptionally talented four-legged staff, of course). As I’m sure you are aware, altering ones course is inordinately time consuming.


Prior to setting out on our new course, my staff and I felt it necessary to take an extended sabbatical to lay out our plans for the future hoping to avoid the pit falls we were prey to previously. We are now doing diligence to get back on track though none can predict exactly how long it will take to reappear. I am hopeful the old cliche, “Anything worth having, is worth waiting for.” is found in your repertoire as well.


Though I do not know many of you personally who have read my work, please know that you are considered my friend for I have shared a part of me that I hold very near. My gift to pique your interest, capture your imagination and carry you along, with me, on a mysteriously suspenseful journey.


My best to you always.




Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by for a visit! For those mystery lovers of all ilks, I offer you a mystery at its very best – southern mystery. Born and reared in the south, I have a unique perspective of our history, our culture, our traditions, and our love for good ol’ down-home mystery as only one who has lived it can write it. Please enjoy reading my work as much as I have enjoyed creating and presenting it to you.


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