A note from the author’s desk

My heart is full and I am so very happy to have much to report after a sabbatical that
wound up being much longer than intended!  Around the beginning of summer I found
myself renewed,revived and finding myself overrun with plots, characters, settings and
mysteries that needed to be introduced, intertwined and solved.
 With  new staff on board who are as interested and excited as I am about my work, we
have accomplished much in the last few months.  The first and foremost thing we have
done is complete and submit my work You Whispered My Name? to top publishing
companies from New York to California.  I had already begun my new project Don’t
Look  Back while wrapping up the loose ends of You Whispered My Name? and now am
nearing the completion of that work.  In between all that (as if that wasn’t enough!) I
had an idea about a book for children and wrote Marissa’s Christmas over a
weekend!  I am extraordinarily pleased to report that Unsuspecting Prey and Mirror,
Mirror are available on  Amazon, with Mirror Mirror also available on Nook.
With wheels that never stop spinning, I decided to indulge my ever thirsty  craving for
mystery by visiting The Hotel Galvez on Halloween night.  My assistant and I stayed in
the most haunted room in the hotel!  The details of that visit have been published in
several newspapers and can be perused on my Facebook page.  What I had intended to
be five articles grew to seven as I found it entirely impossible to share what transpired
in a mere five publishings!  Of course, all work and no play is never advisable, so we
managed to integrate some antique shopping into our little get-away. Ten days later
we were fresh as daisies at Dining By Design, though we had been working for weeks
on perfecting a tablescape based on my book Unsuspecting Prey.  Our guests at
Mystery Manor undertook the assignment of solving the murder of Jacob Monroe,
who arrived at our dinner, but very mysteriously disappeared, how he was murdered
and where his body was in the mansion.  Though our table was beautiful, the food
delicious, and the night one of fun with friends, the core reason for the event was
fundraising for cancer research.  We are well pleased to say that we were large
contributors for this very worthy cause.
Though I do not know many of you personally who are reading my work, please know
that you are considered my friend for I am sharing a part of me that I hold very near.
My gift to pique your interest, capture your imagination and carry you along, with
me, on a mysteriously suspenseful journey.


My best to you always.




Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by for a visit! For those mystery lovers of all ilks, I offer you a mystery at its very best – southern mystery. Born and reared in the south, I have a unique perspective of our history, our culture, our traditions, and our love for good ol’ down-home mystery as only one who has lived it can write it. Please enjoy reading my work as much as I have enjoyed creating and presenting it to you.


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After an incredible dinner, Angela and I retired to Room 501 ready for our vigil. Our intent was to stay awake and alert all night long. It stood to reason, we couldn’t discern anything unusual if we were sleeping. But for whatever the reason, before beginning our vigil, Angela became interested in taking a guided tour highlighting ghostly phenomena reported in the hotel ojver the years. I stayed behind. There was just something about the description of the tour that didn’t ring true. Not only that. The tour guide seemed anxious, flighty, easily excitable and giggled non-stop. How could I possibly take her or her reporting seriously?

After Angela left, I began perusing an article. Galveston Island had not been totally annihilated during the Great Storm of 1900 as I had read and reported to you earlier. There were some structures, though damaged, some beyond repair, that remained standing after the storm. I also learned that the Hotel Galvez did not stand where the orphanage housing several nuns and orphans had stood before being demolished by the storm. I had mentioned to you earlier that lots of what I read of the disastrous events of the Great Storm were conflicting. The articles I read that evening were written by a historian, so I lent them far more credence. There were reports stating the death toll had risen to such a staggering level on the island because the storm had been unexpected. This was not an accurate statement, either.

Having been up since early morn and not sleeping the night before, I put the article away, slipped into my dressing gown and laid down on the bed ready for a night of who knew what. Angela returned shortly and took up residence in a chair across from me. We chatted awhile, but we were both tired and soon became quietly watchful.

Midnight came. 1:00 a.m. I was awake, but slipping ever closer to slumber land. 1:30 a.m. I’m barely hanging on. 2:00 a.m. I’m losing the battle with the sandman. Sometime after 2:00 a.m. exhausted, I fell asleep.

For years I have worn four very expensive, antique, Roman Catholic necklaces. I wear them night and day. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year. They are only removed, briefly, for cleaning.

I do not know the exact time, but I felt my necklaces being very gently lifted up from my chest as though someone were examining them very closely. I listened. Perhaps, someone had gotten into our room and intended to snip the necklaces off of me as I as I slept. I continued to listen, but didn’t dare open my eyes. If I heard a snipping sound, I determined I would make every effort to grab the lamp off of my night stand and attempt to use it as a weapon. Angela would awaken and she could help me. For what seemed an eternity the necklaces remained above me. Finally, I decided I would open my eyes. The split second I did, the necklaces came crashing down on my chest. Someone, unseen to me, had released them.

Once again, after I came home, from the same book I quoted from previously, I found

this. “Numerous victims of the Great Storm were swept away and then back to the shore of what is now Hotel Galvez property. Their ghosts have claimed it as their permanent home. Sister Katherine, who died trying to save nine orphans is one of those found at this location.”

Was it Sister Katherine who visited me? Had she stood admiring my religious metals until I awakened? I will always wonder.

The remainder of the night was uneventful. Morning came We were leaving. Angela reached to turn off the lamp which… she successful achieved, but the moment she turned her back to walk away, the lamp came back on. I, my husband and Angela witnessed this.

It is the belief of many, in this particular field of supernatural study, that spirits draw their energies from water which could, in part, explain the Haunting of Galveston Island.

*Though I did diligent to locate the program that was supposedly produced, demonstrating a direct correlation between devastating natural phenomena and subsequent hauntings, no such program was ever forthcoming.
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3 months ago

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Laura Gilligan BanksWOW!3 months ago

Rhonda FoleyThank you, for posting your experiences and story's. I enjoy reading them .3 months ago

Margie Myers, AuthorThanks, Miss Rhonda Foley!!1   ·  3 months ago

Rhonda FoleyWill the hotel rent room 501 if requested ??3 months ago

Margie Myers, AuthorRhonda, it took me 3 weeks to book the room. They needed info on my both facebook accounts, personal and Margie Myers, Author to prove that I was, indeed a mystery writer. I spoke with the woman in charge over the 3 hotels they own, a Ms. Hopkins and she had to get it approved by the hotel manager. I'm not sure why this was necessary, but it was a very strange experience to say the least. I tried to book an additional night ( the 30th) and was refused with no explanation.1   ·  3 months ago

Margie Myers, AuthorYou didn't ask, but I definitely believe this hotel and the entire island is haunted. A young bell hop told me that the staff is told by management NOT to mention that the hotel is haunted unless they are asked specific questions. Rhonda Foley1   ·  3 months ago

Sharon White MoreheadAll 7 of these installments have been very interesting. Will there be any more??? Were you and Angela, at anytime, afraid?? Especially when you felt "someone" examining your necklaces??3 months ago

Sharon White MoreheadGoing to shut now. Goodnight and thank you for sharing these experiences with us.3 months ago

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