Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by for a visit! For those mystery lovers of all ilks, I offer you a mystery at its very best – southern mystery. Born and reared in the south, I have a unique perspective of our history, our culture, our traditions, and our love for good ol’ down-home mystery as only one who has lived it can write it. Please enjoy reading my work as much as I have enjoyed creating and presenting it to you.


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I was born into a poor family in rural North Carolina. And I've always maintained poverty has been one of my greatest gifts. There were many things my family didn't have. Some days not even enough food. We lacked a lot. But one thing we had in abundance. A strong moral compass. We were told daily, "your word is your bond and promises made are promises meant to be kept." And this is where my store begins.

in June of 2013, I signed with a publishing company giving permission for four of my southern mysteries to be published. I was told, verbally, prior to signing the contract the company had "an extensive marketing department" (I have this in writing). They had no marketing department. Over a period of fifteen months I was repeatedly promised national distribution (which is paramount to the success of an author) of both of my mysteries, Unsuspecting Prey and Mirror Mirror and professional reviews (which is what one sees on Amazon when a newly released book has hundreds of reviews). Reviews generate sales, sales, reviews, etc. Neither marketing venue to assist in generating sales, though promised enumerable times ever became a reality. In the Fall of 2013, I was informed in writing that I had spent so much of my own time and money marketing and promoting my books that I would receive a new contract after the first of the year giving me a larger portion of the revenue from my book sales. I waited nine months. No such contract was forthcoming. When I sent my original letter back to the company to remind them I had not received the new contract I was told I would be getting no new contract because the revenue from my book sales were too low. From January 1 through September 28th I received not one royalty check. Each time I inquired I was given a different date the checks would go in the mail. Each time, I still received nothing. When my third mystery, My Name Is Legion, was requested, I held out asking that I be paid what I was owed and national distribution be put in place. I did receive my back checks, but was later told that national distribution had NEVER been in the picture NOR had professional reviews. I had been told one untruth after another and served up one empty promise after another. What I have shared is only a small fraction of all that has transpired. I could write a book.
As of October the 15, 2014 I was owed yet another royalty check for the months of July, August and September. No such check was forthcoming. As of the 15th of Oct. 2014, I severed ties with this company. They will not be publishing My Name Is Legion.
I am working at penning mysteries daily and will keep you fully informed of future publication dates.
I sincerely thank you for your tremendous support and encouraging words. You are the wind beneath my wings. If you can find it in your hearts to remain devoted this author and friend would be forever grateful. Many thanks.
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Nora GarciaWow, Margie. Yes, you Could write a book. I'm glad you severed your ties with them. Better things are yet to come, to you, my friend. You deserve the best. 4 days ago

Rhonda FoleyAmen4 days ago

Carlene WetegroveAmen!!!4 days ago

Lynne FourakerBetter things await !!!4 days ago

Margie Myers, AuthorThanks for your support! Knew I could count on you!1   ·  3 days ago

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